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We Inspire

We inspire engineers at all levels about the principles and potential of ethical, environmentally sound and culturally sensitive engineering.

We Enable

We enable partner organisations, people and communities to use and develop their engineering capabilities to address global challenges.

We Influence

We influence the engineering community to lead by example and make a positive contribution to the world as responsible global citizens.

Local programmes

We partner with organisations troughout Pakistan helping engineers find local openings and support groups


Pakistan Engineering is the art and practice of changing and shaping the material world for the benefit of humankind – engineers turn ideas into reality. In any situation, an engineer must have a clear understanding of the issues to be addressed and the science behind the issues. An engineer must understand how technical and scientific knowledge can be applied and implemented, while also being cognizant of the cost, reliability and socio-economic implications.

The Pakistan’s future prosperity requires the development of a more diverse economic base. The Pakistan must create more successful high-added value businesses and industries to manufacture, build and maintain the wealth creating products, infrastructure and services of the future. These innovative enterprises will build on our national strengths in science and technology, address grand challenges, boost GDP and underpin social progress at all levels.

The like minded engineering professionals have formed a Panel to contest the Election as Syed Abdul Qadir Shah Panel with the slogan of “Engineering the future.” The objective is to strengthen our engagement with policymakers and support a thriving economy based on wealth creation and prosperity through engineering innovation and establishing the worth of Engineers in the country.

SAQS Panel is committed to transparency in PEC elections. It believes in representation from all sectors of Engineering and functional autonomy based on the spirit and fundamental principles of democracy as envisaged in the 1973 Constitution.

This briefing provides an engineering perspective on the major issues currently facing the Pakistan and highlights few policy priorities for Syed Abdul Qadir Shah Panel to address.

During its last tenure The SAQS Panel council continually works to increase recognition of our engineering professionals. We as PEC acquire an active membership of the international organizations and agreements/ MoUs. This enables us to represent the interests of Pakistani engineers and exert strong influence internationally, which benefits individuals, businesses and the Pakistani system of engineering education.

Pakistan engineer

That society continues to have confidence and trust in the engineering profession

Pakistan engineer

To inculcate internationally recognized standards of competence and commitment for the engineering profession, and to license competent institutions to champion the standards.

National Engineering is a non-profit organisation that partners with local organizations and/or institutions that work directly with communities to resolve barriers to development

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We go to great lengths to identify impressive new talent self starters with specific skill sets to produce truly amazing results.

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We go to great lengths to identify impressive new talent self starters with specific skill sets to produce truly amazing results.